Getting tired of Tokyo Disneyland/Disneysea? Want to find another local amusement park in Tokyo? Then I would like to recommend this amusement park, called as Yomiuri Land, for you. Located about 25-35 minutes by train from Shinjuku, this local amusement park is a great place to spend with your family. Another great thing about this park is it has a special illumination event during winter and spring time! You can see the whole park is covered by the illumination lights. Such a romantic place for having date too 😉

Illumination at Yomiuri Land

What is Yomiuri Land?

Yomiuri Land is a family-friendly amusement park located at Inagi-shi, Tokyo. The facility and attraction might not as good as Tokyo Disneyland/Disneysea, but it has a great illumination event during winter and spring. It also has a pool area which only opens during summer time. You can also enjoy cherry blossom while playing roller-coaster from mid-March until early April.

For opening hours and Illumination event, please check Yomiuri Land calendar before you go. I check that some days there are no illumination and they close earlier. Click here for opening hours information.

Giant Ferris Wheel

How to get there?

First, take Keio Line train from Shinjuku station to Chofu Station, you can take limited-express or semi-special express train for faster arrival). At Chofu Station, you need to change trains to local/rapid line headed to Hashimoto until you arrive at Keio Yomiuri-land Station (note to take local or rapid train only because express train doesn’t stop at this station).

After arriving at Keio Yomiuri-Land Station, follow the Yomiuri Land banner and take the Gondola (cable car) for about 5-10 mins. The gondola (cable car) tickets price are ¥300 (One-Way) and ¥500 (Round-trip).

How much is the entrance fee?

As we know, there are some parents who just accompany their kids without intending to ride any attractions. Or maybe they have young kids that are not old enough to try some extreme attractions. It will be waste of money if they buy the pass and ride nothing. Since Yomiuri Land is a family-friendly amusement park, it’s not only selling One-Day Pass ticket, but also Park Admission ticket only.

Below is the entrance fee of Yomiuri Land:

(18–64 yo)
Junior & High School Students
(12–17 yo)
Children (6–11 yo) & Senior (>65 yo) Preschoolers
(3–5 yo)
One-Day Pass*
(admission + all-you-can-ride)
¥ 5,500 ¥ 4,400 ¥ 3,900 ¥ 3,400
Park Admission
(entering park only)
¥ 1,800 ¥ 1,500 ¥ 1,000 ¥ 1,000
Night Pass**
(enter from 4 PM + all-you-can-ride)
¥ 2,500 ¥ 1,700 ¥ 1,700 ¥ 1,700
Night Admission
(entering park only from 4 PM)
¥ 1,500 ¥ 800 ¥ 500 Free

* Note that the bungee jump, Gondola (cable car), My knit, Workshops, Giant Sky River (when the pool is in operation), and other attractions and coin-operated rides specified by Yomiuri Land are not included in this pass.
** Note that the bungee jump, Ferris Wheel, Gondola (cable car), My knit, Workshops, and other attractions and coin-operated rides specified by Yomiuri Land are not included in this pass.
PS: Night pass in only for sale during Illumination event

What if they suddenly want to ride some attractions? Don’t worry, you can but the ride ticket inside of the park too as below:
– 100 yen ticket ¥100
– 300 yen ticket ¥300
– Multiple use ticket booklet (6 tickets: 3×100 yen ticket + 3×300 yen ticket) ¥1,000

Where can I buy the entrance tickets?

  • You can but the entrance ticket at Yomiuri Land entrance gate
  • Buy Yomiuri Land One-Day Pass at Keio Station (at the ticket machine). The price is ¥5,210 for adults; ¥4,210 for junior & high school students or <17 yo; and ¥3,710 for children. This pass is including One-day train ticket for Keio Line and Inokashira Line and Yomiuri Land One-Day Pass (gondola ticket is not included). More details please click here.
  • Buy from Klook (not endorsed), click here for details.
We bought Keio One-Day Pass from Shinjuku Station

What is Jewellumination?

Jewellumination is the theme of Yomiuri Land Illumination event. Illumination is quite popular in Japan, this events are usually hold during winter time at night. In Yomiuri Land you will enjoy colorful light-up across the whole park. It’s really feel like a magical land at night.

This year Yomiuri Land Jewellumination is started from 24 October 2019 to 6 May 2020. There is also Fountain Show which features 3 different fountain shows rotating every 15 mins starting from 5 PM until 8:30 PM. Every Saturday it has Firework Show from 14 December 2019 until 15 February 2020. For more information you can check their official webpage here.

How many attractions does it have?

There are about 40+ attractions in Yomiuri Land. Starting from kids-friendly attractions, such as Kids Fire Fighter, Kids Railway Oliver, Merry-Go-Land Dog, etc; and of course some extreme attractions for adults, such as Bandit roller-coaster, Haunted House, Bungee Jumping, etc. For more details about the attractions, please click here.

To be honest, I hate extreme attractions, but I tried the Spin Runway. It’s an indoor roller-coaster, but you will spin around in the railway. It’s not as scary as outdoor roller coaster but I felt dizzy after riding this because it keeps spinning on the spiral railway. My hubby love new challenge so he tried the Standing Loop Coaster. It was fun and exciting since it was his first time trying standing roller coaster.

The Laser Athletics was also fun! We tried it twice but still failed. We tried the C Course for 2 people. You have to pass 4 stages to finish the course. Two of them is about avoiding the laser beam. It was fun and quite difficult for us. Team work is the key. They also have UFO catcher games area and night-market games area. You can play shoot targets, ring toss, and throw darts to win some prizes.

Is there any restaurant in Yomiuri Land?

Yes, there are about 11 restaurant and food stalls here. You can find ramen, udon, omurice, spaghetti, curry rice, burger, churros, crepes, ice cream, etc. The price is also reasonable here, so don’t worry about food. You can check the food and price details here.

We tried the spicy meat broth udon from Ku-Don. It tasted good! Especially when you have the hot udon in the cold winter weather. The price for 1 bowl of medium serving udon is ¥770.

Udon is perfect for cold weather

Our recommendations corner!

  • Go to this park during the illumination event is super recommended. It’s really beautiful, like a magical land. You can buy the Night Admission ticket if you only want to enjoy the illumination.
  • Try the Giant Ferris Wheel after the sunset time (after the sky gets dark) and take the gondola (cable car) back at night. You can see the whole park covered in the illumination park. But the queue might be long in that hour.
  • The queue might not as crowded as Tokyo Disneyland. But some of the popular attractions have a quite long queue. And they don’t have fast-pass thing here so everyone have to queue together.
  • Some of the attractions require you to keep the phone or camera away, please obey that.
View from Giant Ferris Wheel at night

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